Abbots Road United Reformed Church

Part of the East Leicester Fellowship

Our Faith

Who we are and how we express our Christian faith, can best be described by the following statement, which forms a prayer from the United Reformed Church's Vision 4 Life campaign. We are; "called to be God's people, transformed by the Gospel, making a difference in today's world."

The three churches in the East Leicester Fellowship are part of the United Reformed Church which, as the title describes, is a denomination formed through unity and we maintain a passionate belief that all God's people should be one. We practice our faith according to the Non-Conformist Reformed tradition.

The United Reformed Church has brought together English Presbyterians, English, Welsh and Scottish Congregationalists, and members of the Churches of Christ, through unions in 1972, 1981 and 2000. It has declared itself a multi-cultural church, rejoicing in the gifts of members from across the world and seeks to hold together a wide variety of theological understandings; the valuing of different insights helps the church understand the wonder of God. As such we always strive to be as inclusive as possible offering a welcome regardless of colour, ethnicity, gender, ability, sexual orientation, language, culture, and age.